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A History of Innovation

Company History
Remcor Technical Industries Inc. began operations in Illinois in 1969 as Solidyne Corp., a manufacturer of electronic sensors for automobile security systems. These sensors were patented by Ron Mueller, the president and founder of the company, and from these devices evolved a host of products related to the security industry, many of which involved a variety of timing functions. This led to a deeper involvement with sophisticated timers, culminating in Solidyne’s line of microprocessor-based energy management timing controllers and systems, which led the industry in price/performance and technological excellence.  

Over the years the company marketed its security products through Alarm Supply Company, MaxiGuard of America, and several other major distributors on a private label basis. Since 1972, the company has been an approved supplier of electronic alarm sensors to the Ford Motor Company. From 1975 to 1982 the company was the supplier of sophisticated electronic control modules for the Sears line of automobile security systems. The company also designed and manufactured for many years a line of UL approved flush valve timers for Sloan Valve Company. Also, after entering the energy management market, the company became involved in manufacturing several energy management products for Leviton, Paragon, Control Tech, Teletimer and other companies on an OEM and private label basis.  

Remcor Technical Industries split off from Solidyne Corp. in 1984 as a separate entity to concentrate on developing the market for remote radio controlled automotive security systems and other RF remote control products. In 1991, Remcor introduced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to the security market for vehicle antitheft immobilization.  Today this technology is recognized as the most effective weapon against auto theft and is used in some form by every major car manufacturer.  
In 1999 the company developed a patented payment protection system, employing vehicle immobilization, that virtually assures timely repayment of car loans extended to credit-challenged car buyers.  

Manufacturing Capabilities
• Pick & place assembly
• Reflow and selective soldering, wire and cable assembly
• Ultrasonic welding, automatic conformal coating and potting
• Injection molding

Associated manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Taiwan, and Korea provide the higher volume PC board and hybrid circuit assembly operations as well as injection molding capabilities.  

Remcor Technical Industries is an ISO 9001:2008 Registered Firm.

The Remcor Team
Remcor employs approximately 30 at its location in San Diego, CA.   Ron Mueller, a University of Illinois Electrical Engineering graduate, is President and CEO. The Vice President, also an Electrical Engineer, oversees the engineering function and consulting staff.   The R&D and Engineering departments are located at the manufacturing facility in San Diego.

Why choose Remcor?
• Unrivalled experience
• Low-cost/high performance solutions  
• Firmly positioned at the forefront of technology and innovation
• A history of integrity and unmatched customer service   

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